Knight and Family of the Month
Each month a worthy Brother and a Family from our council are selected for recognition of their contribution to our church and community.

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Brother Anthony Curatolo

Knight of the Month
January 2021

As we begin the New Year, our hope for social gatherings and new programs was answered on January 26th. The 2021 event of the year (so far…) was orchestrated by Tony and a small group of brother Knights. Tony coordinated a 5-person panel discussion on “the Religious and Social Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic.” Tony brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm from planning through execution. The event was well received via online streaming and brings expectations of 1-2 additional sessions. If you missed Tony collecting Toys during the Christmas Toy Drive you can find him at Faith Formation helping with traffic control.

George and Laurie Pfotenhauer Family

Family of the Month
February 2021

If you faithfully attend the 3:00 pm Saturday mass at St. John’s, then you’ve seen Laurie graciously welcoming all parishioners and visitors to our church service. George meanwhile is escorting parishioners to pews and insuring social distancing and adherence to Covid safety guidance. About half way through the mass you’ll see George run over to the Ballroom to help with the 3:15 mass and then work his way back to help usher for communion. As the mass ends you can find George and Laurie at the back of the church collecting offerings. Their smiles are contagious as they wish everyone a happy and healthy week ahead. George is also planning to help with the Parkinson’s Walk on February 13th.