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Each month a worthy Brother and a Family from our council are selected for recognition of their contribution to our church and community.

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Jeff and Nicole Sponseller Family

Family of the Month
July 2021
As the newly elected Deputy Grand Knight, Jeff immediately became involved in our first major event of the past 18 months – the Rat Pack “We’re Back Baby” dinner and show. Jeff took the responsibility of purchasing many of the paper good supplies, dinnerware, and, of course, the beverages. He will also oversee the bartenders during the event. For events like this, we are obligated to be fingerprinted and complete Safe Environment Training. Jeff is working with the Parish staff to get an updated list of all Knights so we can insure we are compliant.
Since the Knights will be serving the dinner, Jeff and Nicole will also be responsible for purchasing aprons. Nicole will then magically add the Knights of Columbus emblem and “We’re Here to Serve” on all the aprons. Bringing the Parishioners back to social events at St. John’s will be kicked off in style – many thanks to Jeff and Nicole.
Congratulations on being named Family of the month for July.

Brother Mike Lomas

Knight of the Month
July 2021
Since joining Council 11281 in April 2021, Mike immediately sought out any areas where he could support the Knights. With his technology background, Mike discussed opportunities with the Grand Knight which led to reviewing the new Council 11281 website. Although purchased in February, the website needed work to understand its full capabilities and also begin uploading data to make it functional. Within a few weeks, Mike has imported data, photos and created working functionality. If you browse the website you can now see Member directories, email options, videos, Newsletters and events plus the creation of a Council Facebook to increase our exposure. With our challenges this past year due to the pandemic, there is a stronger need for technology than ever before and Mike has been appointed the Council Technology Director for 2021-2022.
Mike is also an usher at the 5:00pm mass on Sundays, a committee member for the Rat Pack “We’re Back Baby” event and plans to help with the Blood Drive as well. Mike has made an immediate impact on the Council and we congratulate you on being named Knight of the month for July.

J. Gary Ray and Carolyn Ray Family

Family of the Month
June 2021

As we look back over this Fraternal year, we found many new opportunities to serve our Church and Community but also encountered many new issues to work through. One of the key Knights in our Council has been J. Gary Ray as our Financial Secretary for the past 9 years. His knowledge of Council protocol, his understanding of deadlines and forms, and his attention to detail concerning our finances have been essential in keeping the Council moving forward. As I have said about a number of our Brothers, if it wasn’t for our wives’ patience and understanding we couldn’t accomplish what we do. Carolyn supports J. Gary as they attend special masses, as they participate in various programs throughout the year, and most importantly as she alters her personal schedule to allow J. Gary to complete all his Knightly work. I extend my heartfelt thanks to J. Gary and Carolyn for all the guidance and support they have given the Council and, particularly myself, over this past year.

Congratulations to our Family of the Month!!

Brother Thomas Middlemiss

Knight of the Month
June 2021

With the Memorial Day mass recently celebrated at St. John’s in which we paid tribute to those who died while serving in the military, it again showed the respect and dedication the Knights have for our people and our country. Tom Middlemiss was at the forefront encouraging the Knights to fully support the mass along with our Color Corp, bagpipes, and some thoughtful comments. In the past few months, I noticed this was a common theme for Tom which began back in November for the Veteran’s Day mass which honored all those who served in the military. With his attention to detail, the mass was a true tribute to our servicemen and women. Tom presented his opening remarks mentioning historical military facts and pride in serving our country. And let us not forget St. Patrick’s Day, as we honored the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. These 3 masses are tradition at St. John’s and Tom’s enthusiasm and support of them has helped make them even more endearing.

Tom – thank you for all you do. Congratulations to our Knight of the Month!!

Brother Anthony Curatolo

Knight of the Month
January 2021

As we begin the New Year, our hope for social gatherings and new programs was answered on January 26th. The 2021 event of the year (so far…) was orchestrated by Tony and a small group of brother Knights. Tony coordinated a 5-person panel discussion on “the Religious and Social Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic.” Tony brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm from planning through execution. The event was well received via online streaming and brings expectations of 1-2 additional sessions. If you missed Tony collecting Toys during the Christmas Toy Drive you can find him at Faith Formation helping with traffic control.

George and Laurie Pfotenhauer Family

Family of the Month
February 2021

If you faithfully attend the 3:00 pm Saturday mass at St. John’s, then you’ve seen Laurie graciously welcoming all parishioners and visitors to our church service. George meanwhile is escorting parishioners to pews and insuring social distancing and adherence to Covid safety guidance. About half way through the mass you’ll see George run over to the Ballroom to help with the 3:15 mass and then work his way back to help usher for communion. As the mass ends you can find George and Laurie at the back of the church collecting offerings. Their smiles are contagious as they wish everyone a happy and healthy week ahead. George is also planning to help with the Parkinson’s Walk on February 13th.